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Captured: Hidden Treasures


One of my new favorite places to shop is Trader Joe’s, a whole foods type of store (but more in line with my budget), which I discovered out in Texas earlier this year. The first time I went in to the store, I noticed a stuffed armadillo hanging from a sign. Being a curious Georgette, I asked my friend what that was all about and was told that they hide the armadillo in different places in the store and if a child finds it, they get to ring the bell in the front of the store and receive a treat. AWESOME!!!!

Of course, the next time I went in there, being the big kid that I am, I had to find that armadillo. Well, I found it! And when a clerk realized what I was doing, he even offered me the opportunity to ring the bell and receive a treat. That was funny.

It turns out that every Trader Joe’s has its own stuffed animal indicative to the area… and they hide it in a different place each day. Here in Lexington, it’s a stuffed racehorse! Every time I go in there, I search for that racehorse. I love it!!

While in Trader Joe’s yesterday, getting groceries and searching for that stuffed racehorse (it was in the produce section), I was reminded of the hidden treasures that God places before us as we go through our day. Oftentimes, we ignore them, but I KNOW they are always there. I often lift up a prayer at the beginning of the day, asking God to show me His presence.

Lately, he has been showing up everywhere I turn. A few days ago, I went out for a run… now, God often shows his presence to me through nature, in particular, birds. I love hawks and eagles, cardinals and robins. I think it’s because birds always remind me of Isaiah 40… ‘those who hope in the Lord… will soar on wings like eagles’… I love that verse.

While out on my run, I suddenly noticed a male cardinal sitting in front of me. He had the oddest color, not bright red, but pinkish in tone. I’ve never seen a cardinal of that color. Because I know how God speaks to me (‘those who have ears, let them hear… those who have eyes…), I immediately knew that God was letting me know that He was near! But, it continued… that stinkin’ bird followed me all along my route. I’d look up, and there he was… over and over again. And I knew… God was running right there along side of me.

I felt like I was ringing the bell and receiving a treat… not from Trader Joe’s, but from my Heavenly Father who loves me beyond measure.

For those who hope in the Lord, there are hidden treasures from God that are special and unique to each of us… they are there, waiting to be found as we travel through this time here on the planet Earth.

Praise Be to God!!!


  1. Pam!!! I LOVE this!!! SO COOL!!! I never knew that about Trader Joes, even though when I was living in Portland it was one of my favorite places to shop! I’ll be on the look out next time I go! And today, TODAY, thanks to your beautiful blog, I have been reminded to be on the look out for HIS PRESENCE!!! Be blessed lady!!!

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