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God is beckoning me…

… into new opportunities, new realities and a much deeper relationship with Him. I’m not sure I am ready, but apparently God thinks that I am. Lately, the challenges in my life have seemed insurmountable at times, wrought with loss, heartache and pain. But there have been moments of grace that have sustained me… that have comforted me… that have nurtured me.

Sometimes it really is only a moment of grace, but it is enough…

This blog will be my attempt to capture God’s unfailing grace, mercy and love… in my life, and in others’ lives.


  1. Your expression of God’s love and grace in your life is evidence of his hand on you and your life. He will NOT let you get away! I love you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. God is using your past and your pain to minister to others, Pam. I think you have found a calling here! So eloquent, so transparent. I love it!

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