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Captured: New Life… New Hope


This is a two-post kinda day!!

This morning I received a text from my daughter, Kristen, who teaches French and Spanish in S. Korea, and who is expecting a daughter in February.

First off, I have to marvel at technology! She texted me, for FREE, from S. Korea with her iPhone!!! When I was pregnant with her, I had to send my parents an actual letter, telling them about my life overseas and the news of her arrival… I sent cheap ‘aerograms’… because it was too expensive to call.

BTW, I still have all those aerograms! I kind of miss that form of communication…

Squirrel… !!!

Anyway, this morning she texted me (FROM KOREA… still can’t wrap my head around that!!) and her two sisters, Megz and Kat, that she felt her daughter move for the first time. Wow! What an experience! I remember it well. I have 5 children of my own and I remember those moments of feeling life for the first time!

All I can say is that I marvel, even more than I marvel at technology, at God’s miracle of life!

And to be a grandmother! To experience my babies having babies! I can only imagine how God must feel experiencing generation after generation of his children being born!

I have always loved the story of Ruth and Naomi… in fact, my best friend and I call each other ‘Ruth’ and ‘Naomi’…

I love how Naomi goes from being Naomi to Mara (bitter), and then back to Naomi with the birth of her grandchildren. I get that! I have been so blessed with the birth of my little 5-month-old, grand-boy, Riley, and I join Kristen and Harry in rejoicing over my little grand-daughter, who will enter this world in February.

That sweet, little child moved in her mother’s womb yesterday. Krissy felt it. We all felt it with her…

New life…

… new hope.


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  1. Congrats Pam!! I am so excited for you.

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