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Month: November 2015

Captured: Standing With Paris

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I understand those who point out that it’s hypocritical to #standwithparis when there are so many places where terror and violence occur on a daily basis, and my heart surely grieves for anyone subjected to fear, brutality and inhumane treatment.

But anytime the world can unite in peace and love, it’s a good, good thing. I am moved by the outpouring of love and support through the Facebook tricolor profile pictures of individuals the world over.

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Captured: A True Soldier’s Tale Comes to An End


Veteran’s Day stirs my soul.

The gesture made by men and women to place others’ lives ahead of their own moves me, and I am touched by the sacrifice, courage and commitment these soldiers make on our behalf.

This year will be no different; and yet, it will be entirely different and particularly poignant.

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